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I am hoping we can rewrite or reword the current agreement.
Advice has been given on how to reword 'out of order' motions, in line with the Special Congress recommendation, but it's been claimed that it's far too ambiguous and difficult to understand.
Nestle supports this assertion by citing numerous examples, including the meat industry's opposition to the Food Guide Pyramid, the use of lobbyists to influence regulations related to foods, connections between food companies and nutrition research, and pressures to reword Dietary Guidelines (e.
In the case of Judge Harry LaForme, he and two accomplices ordered, yes ordered, Parliament to reword the definition of marriage and even set the time-frame.
My only hope is that once the dust has settled the GRA take the time to look at this policy and reword it to allow their racing managers to do their best to put on competitive greyhound racing for the good of the sport.
It is Katz, a veterinarian and founder of the Bay Area group In Defense of Animals, who persuaded the Los Angeles Animal Services Commission to reword all city animal-control regulations so that ``pet owners'' will henceforth be known as ``pet guardians.
What about the senior managers who want to reword the mission statement but cannot conceive a new one?