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When instructor feedback (mis)directs students' attention to rewording, tutors can help the student dramatically revise and thus transcend that feedback.
M implicitly evaluates the student's response, "a half," by echoing the response and then rewording the question.
Suggestions for rewording will be presented to the CSSA Executive Committee at Indianapolis.
It nonetheless accepts the rewording, which it believes is part of a package, so as to reach an overall agreement.
Try a new title or a rewording of the introduction.
Her title, rewording Esau's plea after his father Isaac offers Jacob the firstborn blessing, reflects Boys's belief that Christianity has usurped the "birthright" of Israel, largely through fear and ignorance.
If these options are rejected, you may still succeed in rewording the standard joint check agreement slightly to obtain an outright assignment of the account receivable to be due to your buyer.
The Turf Club will now have to pay the Irpounds 100,000 legal bill over last month's High Court case and has already started work on rewording rule 148(i), which was criticised by the judge who heard the case.
Five-factor descriptions of paranoid personality disorder and other diagnoses that involve odd or eccentric behavior may be improved by rewording the openness-to-experience items to address such peculiarities directly, Widiger says, Auke Tellegen, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, has completed such a revision and changed the name of the dimension from "opennessto-experience" to "unconventionality,"
This short rewording, however, would be a major change in New York State law.