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Failure analysis preformed on coupons which have been subjected to tin-lead assembly and rework simulation of six thermal cycles to 230[degrees]C (6 x 230[degrees]C) predominately fail due to barrel cracks caused by metal fatigue.
The next day will require 19 percent of the plant's available resources (pans) for rework.
tmc], test cost per unit T, average cost of rework for one unit R, rework cost factor rw = R/([C.
Rework includes seeing patients twice for the same thing, telephone tag, dealing with patients dissatisfied with long appointment or waiting room delays, tests repeated because paperwork was lost, searching for records, prescription errors, and incorrectly transcribed phone numbers on messages resulting in wrong number calls.
According to the company, it plans to rework most of its wells, including those currently producing.
Rework is a burning issue which adversely affected PS.
The addition of their rework systems also broadens our technical offerings.
So why do so many assemblers rework PTH devices that lack topside fillets?
The ability of current rework tools to maintain acceptable temperature profiles has not been widely investigated.
You're making frankfurters and you get broken frankfurters or they're off weight, they'll rework them.
The categorized burn-on/burn-in defect identified in 1973 by Levelink as the "hard mold defect" is responsible for a great deal of current casting rework and scrap.