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125mm--it is no surprise that reworking 01005s with lead-free solder paste is a great challenge.
CAD/IQ ensures downstream CAD model interoperability to allow CAD models to be used by finite element modeling, rapid prototyping, data exchange and numerical control without reworking or recreating a model.
Because 7 of 31, or 19 percent, of the reworked items do not make it to finished goods inventory, the cost of reworking those 7 nightstands is $20 ($4 on Day One, plus $8 on Day Two and $8 on Day Three).
Schwanensee Remixed is a thought-provoking, complete, and consistent reworking of the original material, including the music, which is played with synthesizer and computer by the fantastically talented Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan.
Think of this as action to affect (or correct) what you did in the past, like reworking castings.
But Rigby says he has many pieces of evidence -- such as dinosaur teeth with sharp edges that would have been worn down by extensive reworking -- that support Paleocene origins.
Titan is working with several well service companies that are interested in a possible partnership or acquisition to cut costs for Titan while hastening the reworking process.
Reworking the component to remove the solder ball may be an extreme response, however.
PINKSHEETS: AERN) has entered into a 50/50 Partnership to participate in reworking thirty (30) shallow oil wells on 80 acres in Eastern Kansas.
The symposium will consist of leadless device rework: the methodologies for reworking QFNs, LCCs and other leadless devices; secrets of Pb-free rework: helpful, practical hints for reworking Pb-free PCBs, and noncontact solder removal for rework.
5 million construction project is installing a underground storm drain, reworking traffic signals, and adding right-turn lanes adjoining a new shopping center at the intersection's southeast corner.
Reworking or reprocessing a product in a process plant happens all the time.