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Applications for the LF-7010 rewritable optical disk drive include the commercial education, scientific and engineering, medical, financial and legal markets, where there is a high demand for storage of vast quantities of information.
Maxell, for example, is planning to provide write-once and rewritable media to support RAM,-RW, and +RW hardware.
In an additional display of industry support for the new medium, leading manufacturers of optical media, including: Pioneer Video Corporation (PVC), Phillips and DuPont Optical Company (PDO), TDK Electronics Corporation (TDK), and Optical Storage Corporation - a joint venture of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Daicel and Sumitomo Metal Mining - have agreed to manufacture rewritable and WORM media in the SS format for the Rewritable/WORM Multifunction Optical Disc Drive.
The LF-7010 is one of the few rewritable optical drives that offers a storage capacity of one gigabyte, which is the industry's highest.
Pioneer has talked about a rewritable version, called DVD-RW, but it's been just talk so far and DVD+RW (called "plus-RW") from Sony, Philips, and four other partners has been nothing but a promise for four years.
The DVD-RW format, described as a rewritable extension to the previously forum-approved DVD-Recordable (record-once) format (Book D), uses phase-change media and is capable of up to 1,000 rewrites.
E[acute accent]UDO media is available in Write Once and Rewritable media formats, which are certified ECMA and ISO standards.
Remember what happened when the rewritable CD-RW format was introduced in 1996; for CD-ROM drives to read CD-RW disks, they needed "MultiRead" circuitry.
TOKYO -- The DVD+RW Alliance, a voluntary association of industry-leading personal computer, optical storage and consumer electronics manufacturers that support the Plus format for DVD recording, has announced that it has started discussions for a new rewritable double layer DVD+RW DL standard that will be finalized by year end.
These groups include video, ROM, file format, audio, rewritable (RAM and-RW), write-once (R), copy protection, and professional use applications.
The four new products are the Xerox UDO 100 single drive, its first professional blue laser optical disk drive designed specifically to meet the demands of long-term archival storage environments; the Xerox UDO 224 storage library, a small tower that houses two UDO drives and 24 media slots to hold up to 720 GB of storage; Xerox Rewritable media, which can be used to erase and rewrite data; and Xerox Write Once media, which uses an irreversible recording technique making it chemically impossible for the laser, regardless of the temperature, to alter the data on the recording surface once it's been written.
LAS VEGAS -- Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment and the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of recordable and rewritable CD/DVD media products, has announced it will begin selling Ricoh branded recordable media technology directly to retailers and consumers.