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The new lineup of HP Pavilion desktop PCs, loaded with features to make digital media quick and easy to enjoy, includes the HP Pavilion 505n, 515n, 725n and the 735n--which features a rewritable DVD and CD combo drive for under $900.
An acronym for digital versatile disc, DVD is indeed highly adaptable, with five different physical formats for (1) feature-length motion pictures, (2) audio, (3) read-only data, (4) write-once, read-many data, and (5) rewritable data.
As the only dual functioning card printer on the market today to handle both color/monochrome and rewritable printing, the SP25 card printer is an ideal choice for a number of applications ranging from education and small corporations to retail and healthcare.
The Philips PCA362RW ReWritable Kit includes an IDE/ATAPI interface, allowing it to be connected directly to the motherboard of almost any Pentium PC.
The DVD-RW (referred to as 'RW') format was introduced last year featuring the ability to read and write rewritable RW media as well as popular DVD-R discs.
Although PD discs -- Plasmon's first rewritable manufacturing line -- never received wide-spread industry acceptance, the company believes CD-ReWritable technology is strongly positioned as a compliment to CD-R and a transition to DVD.
Nasdaq: PNCL) today announced its new rewritable CD drive which functions as a 6X reader, 2X recorder and 2X rewriter.
So why is Plextor bringing out a rewritable drive with a MSRP of $329?
The innovative MD DATA format provides extremely high storage capacity on ultra small rewritable optical discs.
The BD standard refers generally to (a) a rewritable optical disc, a recordable optical disc and a read-only optical disc; (b) the method of playing such discs; and (c) recording methods.
The division's plans for future product sets are to increase drive speeds and add rewritable DVD capabilities with an emphasis on the compatibility with DVD-ROM technology.
of Rewritable Data Storage Capacity Ideal for Portable Computing