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Writing in English will remain alive in this country, thanks to the Filipino rewriter.
Query Rewriter rewrites the received request constrained by privacy preference for its host.
The N4B1 is the world's first NAS with built-in Blu-ray rewriter, making it possible to burn as much as 50 gigabytes of data onto popular Blu-ray discs.
Kendall, who has two sons and one stepdaughter, said as far as letter-writing goes, he's a good rewriter.
World's fastest Blu-ray Rewriter makes its Middle East debutLG unveils next generation optical storage devices
En una primera instancia existe en el mercado de la difusion de futuras obras, los servicios de los denominados rewriter y ghost writer como una tendencia a la separacion de los creadores de ideas con respecto a los fabricantes de manuscritos.
They seem to embody and invite and thus reinforce familiar binary opposites: male and female, free and constrained, celebrated and obscure, self-indulgent aristocrat and saving, respectable homebody; Romantic poet and domestic novelist, careless producer of endless versions and careful rewriter, oversexed and asexual, sinner and saint.
The section presents Dante both as reader and rewriter of classical and biblical texts and Dante being read and rewritten by modern authors--a practice that testifies to the extraordinary nature of his work.
En esta tendencia, el Laboratorio de Pruebas de eSemanal evaluo la unidad GSA-5163D External Super Multi DVD Rewriter de LG Electronics para conocer sus principales caracteristicas.
I think that he would admit that he is a reluctant rewriter .
You only ever hear about the people they didn't get on with, but they loved their mum, '' the great rewriter of history will tell us.