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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has finalised preparations for the rewrite of the life sciences exams in the Vhembe District of Limpopo.
Organizations wishing to port client-server or older web applications to new Mobile, Web and Cloud architectures face resource-consuming manual rewrites.
Intelligent SQL Rewrite and Built-in Simulation Capabilities
A CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) lets you write or burn files to a CD just once--you won't be able to erase it and rewrite new information, as you can with a CD-RW (hence the ReWritable part of the name).
Those $199 drives in the full-page ads record -R disks at only 4X or 6X speed and can't rewrite any faster than about 2X, which is adequate performance at the low end of the market, to be sure.
While such studies may be familiar to the new historicist, who regularly attempts to locate the text in a social or political frame, Bennett widens this prevailing literary scope to include performances of Shakespeare, his contemporaries and, fascinatingly, modern offshoot and rewrites of the same.
Naylor critically rewrites Shakespeare and lays to rest the "myth of Shakespeare's inexhaustibility": "Shakespeare does not assimilate Naylor; Naylor assimilates Shakespeare" - in a way that suggests difference more than continuity and kinship (347).
As a chip becomes susceptible to damage if write operations are concentrated locally, when rewrite operation reaches a predetermined number of times, data and addresses are automatically switched to an area in which few rewrites have been performed.
99) doesn't just admonish that rewrites are necessary: it shows how to avoid rewrites by producing an outline so detailed that it can double as a first draft.
The unit features a large 4 MB buffer memory, writes and rewrites on CD-R discs at a top speed of 8x (writing a 650 MB CD in 9 minutes) and reads CDs at a maximum rate of 24x.
The rewrites were made at the suggestion of Bono, who had flown to L.
Tasso rewrites Rinaldo "in large part by giving him greater psychological depth" than the character has had heretofore in the tradition (6).