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Some have done SEO (search engine optimization) writing, which is the evil twin of rewriting.
At the same time, however, Plate devotes the first two chapters to showing that the success of women's rewriting in the literary marketplace indicates that it has been co-opted by capitalism, therefore losing much of its subversive edge and critical effectiveness.
In my case, I'm rewriting a nearly 6-year-old web application.
The weakest part of Goodacre's study is the attempt to explain Luke's supposed rewriting of Matthew's sermon.
The Congress hopes to have the constitutional revision completed by end of May, provided, of course, it's not still busy rewriting.
The author began the rewriting of his works last year and his first finished rewritten book, a new version of 'The Books and The Sword', went on sale earlier this month.
The agency's officials said that until now hackers themselves had been doing rewriting in such incidents.
So manufacturers started tweaking the relationship between their drives' constant linear velocity (CLV) and constant angular velocity (CAV) functions, and have thereby pushed rewriting up to 8X and 12X.
While blank 8x high performance CD-R discs are widely available in the marketplace, Yamaha and other leading manufacturers have introduced a new breed of 8x rewritable media, capable of reliable 8x rewriting at a cost only slightly higher than quality 4x certified CD-RW media.
outermost rewriting reduces a redex as close as possible to the root of the parse tree of the term;
Rewriting the tax code is like painting the Forth Bridge.
If you have trouble rewriting the sentence, just ask yourself, "Who did the main action here?