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That is, before a term is rewritten, first its lazy arguments f([t.
Vermes introduced the idea of the rewritten Bible into the scholarship of Second Temple Judaism in his 1961 Scripture and Tradition in Judaism.
Mortgage Builder's rewritten system-to-system interface with Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector has a secure connection through the Internet.
But as rewritten, the bill still would require charter employees who wish to unionize to follow the standardized work rules contained in contracts between larger school districts and the California Teachers Association, Brown said.
The new 8X DVD+RW discs will be based on very "fast" phase-change materials, which can be rewritten at high speed.
IN Hollywood, writers always lament having their words rewritten.
In traditional embedded system development environments, modifying C source code requires the code to be fully tested and recompiled each time it is rewritten.
Even before their swearing in, elected commissioners Marcos Castaneda of Sylmar and Dennis Zine of West Hills held public hearings on what residents want from a rewritten charter.
Under the agreement, in exchange for deferring their compensation, writers of original screenplays may not be rewritten without their permission.