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The long-established rules of racing have not changed, but have been rewritten and reformatted into a more userfriendly form that the BHA hopes will make them more accessible to racing's participants.
Now Uncle Sam has rewritten the overtime regulations.
I came into rehearsal knowing that the play had to be rewritten.
Before the law was rewritten in 1982, income taxed to an S shareholder but not withdrawn was known as previously taxed income.
When he arrived in Paris to begin filming, he found, much to his surprise and dismay, that Gilroy's script had been completely rewritten.
Faced with a partially rewritten application and a looming deadline, the organization realized they could save money and meet their financial goals by recompiling the existing application using the latest core systems development and deployment technology from Micro Focus.
After last week's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, rabbis across the country have rewritten their messages for their New Year's Day.
Some applications that are not rewritten or recompiled for the new architecture will still run on Intel-based Macs, using the new Rosetta translation layer.
Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco, D-Los Angeles, presented the rewritten bill before the Senate, which passed it Thursday afternoon 40-0.