rhetorical phrase

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While the 'love of the army' is a folkloric and rhetorical phrase that everyone utters without costing them anything, it remains that the only positive political meaning that could arise from this 'love' is helping to make the army the only side that monopolize the means of violence, and the only side whose violence is considered legitimate.
Bruce Reidel (photo), a retired CIA analyst who handled Iran policy in the Bush White House, says that old rhetorical phrase about "keeping all options on the table" is now hurting the U.
Sadly it's the type of overblown rhetorical phrase more commonly associated with the dictatorial regimes of say a Hitler, Stalin or a Saddam Hussein.
Throughout the XIXth century, memories of the French emigration were condensed into a rhetorical phrase ("le milliard des emigres") used and manipulated for a number of different political purposes (Franke).
I'd love to see the day when that becomes more than just a rhetorical phrase and that challenge is answered, among other efforts, by Catholic organizations instituting family-friendly workplace policies that blaze the trail for the rest of society.
Once upon a time" is probably the most successful rhetorical phrase ever articulated.
The meanings enveloped in the numerous witty conceits, rhetorical phrases, and musical numbers that populate Love in the Mirror find their English equivalents easily in the hands of Snyder.
Finally, rhetorical phrases like 'Allow me to be more specific' and 'Allow me to put the distinction bluntly' verge on stylistic hypocrisy.
Instead it employs a few rhetorical phrases -- "doublespeak" -- meant to soften the inescapable horror one feels when reading of the human rights abuses the Chinese government continues to perpetrate on its citizens.