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Rhetorically, Bacchus and Venus are equals, but with the major difference that while he promotes anger, envy, and distrust, she engenders love.
Vega, Payne asked rhetorically, "Can you believe someone is that honest?
I hope that in ten years I'm being viewed as a writer who has roamed from the territory of not only hustling, for God's sakes, but into the territory of the Bible, into the matter of AIDS and now, with this particular book, the central question that it asks rhetorically, `Would you die for sex?
I want to be moral; but I also want moral people to mind their own business, to stop rhetorically forcing hands.
Erasmus approached thought and discourse rhetorically, not dialectically.
Berger asked rhetorically, "If your office is in your briefcase and you are moving it to the beach and to the park, you are increasing risks and hazards because the environment is changing moment to moment.
Tracy responded with a question of his own, rhetorically asking who should hit fourth if Green doesn't.
The Politicke Courtier advances an intriguing argument for reading The Faerie Queene rhetorically, and for using rhetorical theory to re-evaluate the second half of Spenser's epic - especially as it focuses on justice.
It sounded rhetorically grand, but it was hard to see how that five-letter word carried more weight than, say, "I.
All of this language is bent upon breaking down, whether analytically of rhetorically, the false powers around it and us.
said Audrey Wells, Code 3's product development manager, wondering rhetorically before dropping her voice for emphasis.
What Barolini achieves in The Undivine Comedy is not to remove the "divinity" or "sacredness" of the poem - what her misleading title presages - but to explicate in minute and mesmerizing detail how Dante manages, rhetorically and textually, to package his Christian ideology as visionary truth.