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Epidemiological survey of rheumatic heart disease among school children in the Shimla hills of northern India: Prevalence and risk factors.
Rheumatic heart disease in Africa: The Mosi-o-Tunya call to action.
These criteria are not used for the diagnosis of rheumatic heart disease and for evaluation of the prognosis.
Twelve (18%) patients had a diagnosis of pharyngitis noted in the medical record during the 6 weeks preceding acute rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease diagnosis.
Contemporary issues in rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart disease.
In our study, the mean age of the patients was 47 years (range 13 to 87 years) and rheumatic heart disease still was the most common underlying heart disease for IE.
The development of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) may occur over years or even decades, as recurrent inflammation of the endocardium, and especially the heart valves, leads to increased fibrosis and scarring.
Najma Patel in her welcome address pointed out that almost sixty thousand children with congenital heart diseases are born in Pakistan every year and there is already a large group of patients with rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic fever.
ABSTRACT: In the present study the blood samples of patients diagnosed for rheumatic heart disease (RHD) were obtained from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore.
I spent time with children who had heart failure from rheumatic heart disease by reading to them and playing board games.