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Of the married Catholic women who did attempt family planning in 1955, slightly over half had most recently used the rhythm method, while just over one-quarter used appliance contraceptives like condoms or diaphragms.
Unsurprisingly, given that if you Google The Rhythm Method it returns a host of websites talking about contraceptive methods, the 'Rhythm' was soon dropped due to "it becoming a bit too jokey" and The Method emerged in its place.
However, the rhythm method is only 75 per cent effective.
The development of the birth control pill in 1960, which allowed greater control over a woman's cycle of fertility, seemed to many Catholics to be a more refined and effective version of the rhythm method.
Although the Church has a long tradition forbidding birth control other than by the rhythm method, scholars claire it has a faulty base--the so-called Sin of Onan in Genesis.
It's not withdrawal, it's not the rhythm method and it's not about playing Russian roulette with your body.
Earthaven Ecovillage Fertility Awareness Class : Learn why the Rhythm Method doesn't work, and why Fertility Awareness does
But for birth control they are a whole lot better than the rhythm method or prayer or nothing, and for protection from sexually transmitted diseases they are all we have.
As the Birmingham Comedy Festival begins, Al Hutchins delves into the track record of The Andy Robinson Rhythm Method
Excluded women were pregnant, breastfeeding, using hormonal contraception or the rhythm method, had uncertain date of last menses, had contraindication to mifepristone, or were likely to continue a pregnancy if emergency contraception failed.