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Effects of physiological cycles of infused melatonin on circadian rhythmicity in pigeons.
investigated rhythmicity in the neuronal activity of SCN neurons that had been taken from mice raised in an environment of 12 hours light and 12 hours dark.
Their properties account for much of the collective behavior of the network, including rhythmicity, reciprocity between burst rate and duration, and phase resetting in response to imposed extra stimuli.
Temperature dependent ciliary rhythmicity in Mytilus edulis and the effects of monoaminergic agents on its manifestation.
However, the rhythmicity of Clock and Bmal1 was blunted in 6-OHDA [+ or -] L-DOPA group, and two-way ANOVA showed that there was a significant difference among three groups (treatment, F [sub]2,40= 57.
In study group, the temperament variables which had high scores with respect to the psychopathology were activity level, intensity, distractibility and rhythmicity.
Rhythmicity is a potent force not only in linking people together but also in creating a sense of internal togetherness.
2015), in a population of soccer players, stated that circadian rhythmicity can be modified by some external factors like changes related to environmental conditions and alterations of sleep-wake behavior.
influence differentiation and reproduction of time and motion rhythmicity structures, ability to maintain tempo;
We can only speculate which physiological differences between cTnT and cTnI underlie the observed differences in the diurnal rhythmicity.
Leptin, adiponectin and resistin secretion and diurnal rhythmicity are unaltered in Parkinson's disease.
Professor Derk-Jan Dijk from the University of Surrey said: "It is very gratifying to see directly at the level of fMRI-detected brain responses that circadian rhythmicity and lack of sleep both have such a profound influence on brain function.