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To be sure, the novel is a ribald satire of both the Cultural Revolution and the distortion of its ideals, and the crude, unsophisticated humor and plot may alienate some readers.
She finished her day at the Crown And Mitre, the local hostelry, mixing freely with the Runyonesque characters in the bar, negating them with her ribald and rather risque recollections of her American college days on the campus.
You don't have to be non-white to endure some of the barbed insults and ribald comments.
Redford (art history and English, Boston University) weaves the often ribald story of the society with the art they commissioned.
Verdict: Flushed Away is an absolute joy, cleverly operating on two levels: for youngsters there's lots of slapstick and legions of singing slugs; for parents and older viewers, some ribald humour such as Whitey's sad history as a lab rat or the customs of Le Frog and his chums.
This involved a ribald poem written by Potter--Wilkes' mentor, now deceased--and left in Wilkes' possession.
This is a look at the city through them -- and it is irreverent and ribald.
Part-time iconoclast and two-fingered typist Dale Andrew White is a natural born storyteller with an especial flair for blending fantasy, whimsy, satire, and a fevered imagination into original stories that are replete with ribald humor and reader-engaging novelty.
They recite the following ribald verse: If you see kay / Tell him he may / See you in tea / Tell him from me.
Not, I hasten to add, for any spiritual or even ecclesiastical reason; spiritually he is as necessary to the propagation of the Christian faith as tiaras are to whales; ecclesiastically, he presides over an often ribald institution in terminal decline.
Rochester, in a delightful accent, often makes ribald remarks about rewarding her progress with sex, but then corrects herself with appropriate alternatives.