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Advanced phonetic search algorithms coupled with language processing and contextual analysis provide the ability to quickly and easily locate specific spoken words or phrases within a rich media archive, based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Sonic Foundry.
Is Jesus implying that if a rich person is so rich it may well be the result of having defrauded the poor?
Rich will discuss what his column has focused on in recent years - the confluence of politics and popular culture.
Highway and infrastructure improvement budgets slashed so rich people can have more money.
As meritocratic competition has expanded upwards, undermining the sheltered workshops that once gave rich kids outlets for their energies, the mentality of these heirs has changed.
These JavaScript components turn an HTML Web page into a rich Web application that looks and acts like a familiar desktop application with buttons, grids, dialogs, wizards, data communication, data translation, etc.
According to Goldbart and DiFuria "sudden wealth syndrome" describes a set of symptoms common to folks who have struck it rich with dot.
Now admittedly, the teaching of the Church makes it clear that the rich do have more demanding obligations placed upon them.
During the early part of Reagan's first term, the rich did get richer while most of the rest of the country stayed even.