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This study aimed to determine the variation of tree species richness between four forest habitats within Langkawi Archipelago that include of Pulau Tuba (PTB), Pulau Timun (PTM), Pulau Singa Besar (PSB) and Gunung Raya Forest Reserve (GRFR) Langkawi, thus reveal differences in species composition between those islands.
The richness of microflora of the samples was evaluated through calculating Chao1 index and the microbial diversity of samples was evaluated by Shannon index and Simpson index.
The species richness/diversification correspond to the stratified global oceans during the Maastrichtian while the overall stepwise decrease within species richness indicate the effect of local tectonics on the Mughal Kot Formation.
1995) assessed species richness in riparian buffer strips of the boreal forest that were 20 m, 40 m, 60 m, and > 300 m from recent clear-cuts and concluded that a minimum of 60 m buffer strips were necessary to support the majority of forest-dwelling birds.
For each month, total numbers and species richness of bees were determined for each trap and for all traps combined.
Heiman and Greenway describe how the reduction in dietary diversity has changed the richness of human gut microbiota, the community of microorganisms living in the gut.
Every time I visit the area I am struck by the cultural richness of the hill villages and I would encourage your readers to cherish this richness which they can do by supporting or by getting involved themselves.
Piero Marini didn't only praised the richness of faith of the Filipinos but the richness of our culture as well.
Its idiomatic nuances, rich vocabulary (or conversely the lack of richness surrounding a topic), and variations in dialect teach lessons on cultural values that can't be learned in a book.
From Cowles' and others studies of chronosequences over the past 100 y, ecologists have observed that plant species richness and diversity generally increase over successional time, especially for primary successional systems (e.
Here we first use the traditional 'binned' richness curve to reveal the zonal change in the richness of conodonts.
Through quantitative metagenomics, it was found that two groups of people can be distinguished by the richness of bacteria they carry and the abundance of certain bacterial species.