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Celebrated on December 28, 'Good Riddance Day' gave people the chance to say good-bye to all the bad things that happened through the year, like annoying boyfriends, bad financial decisions and losing sports teams.
The alternative, of course, is to continue on in blissful ignorance, bidding good riddance to the critics, and pretending smugly that all is well.
The sooner he goes from office the better and I for one say good riddance.
Some say, "good riddance," dismissing school boards as yet another mechanism by which teacher unions and other organized interest groups exert undue influence over the nation's schools.
I have a lot of experience that I didn't have back then because things happened so fast for Good Riddance.
AS EXPLAINED BY Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie on page 2, this is no ordinary issue of reason (see "Kiss Privacy Goodbye--and Good Riddance, Too").
As the title Good Riddance indicates, this is often as much as most people think about in relation to rubbish and, regrettably, many areas of Sydney are still being polluted by thoughtless individuals who continue to discard their garbage without any regard to the visual pollution and the blight on the landscape their actions cause.
On the day fast food dies, says Martins, "We will raise a glass of organic wine and say good riddance.
Good riddance, Mike; it's back to the golf course and corporate--perk--heaven for you.
Does that mean good riddance to his former ambition to conceptualize his work?
Martin Pawley, swashbuckling as usual, announces that capital-A Architecture has already gone down the tube, and good riddance.
resident selected as first to shred & shed bad memories from 2012 at Good Riddance Day on Dec.