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De Ridder, 24, expressed his unhappiness at St Andrew's after Bruce's replacement Alex McLeish stopped using him after the Huddersfield Town FA Cup third-round defeat.
Higgs found that Ridder caused "irreparable harm" when he left the Pioneer Press for Minneapolis.
De Ridder, who has been sidelined with an ankle injury since his Blues debut at Chelsea, has his image splashed across numerous websites dedicated to goodlooking footballers.
Prior to joining Knight Ridder, McKeon, 49, was executive vice president and general manager of Newsday on Long Island, N.
When Ridder ascended to the leadership of Knight Ridder in 1995, he took over a company with 33 dailies in 31 markets.
The board of directors of Knight Ridder will play a crucial role in deciding what happens to the storied company, and it matters whether they have much of a clue about what it takes to do high-quality journalism.
Since November, Knight Ridder, based in San Jose, California, has looked for possible buyers, prompted by a fall in circulation and lackluster business results.
The road to Resende did hit a few bumps in 2004 when Brazil refused to let [International Atomic Energy Administration, or IAEA] inspectors view centrifuges used in the enrichment process, saying they had to protect Brazilian-designed innovations vulnerable to industrial espionage," continues the Knight Ridder report.
For the record, Knight Ridder says, "There's no reason to think that the shooting had anything to do with his reporting work.
The Norwegian real-time search technology provider Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST) said on Thursday (1 April) that it had received a contract to deploy its FAST Enterprise Search Platform for the US information and classified services provider Knight Ridder Digital Inc, part of Knight Ridder group.
Knight Ridder will broaden its reach by syndicating information with us, while having access to information from LexisNexis.
LexisNexis has announced an alliance with Knight Ridder Digital, the interactive information subsidiary of Knight Ridder and founder/operator of The Real Cities Network.