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Riddler is already popular on screen after Jim Carrey did the role in 1995's Batman Forever and Frank Gorshin-who died in 2005-played the part on TV.
The consumer database consists of 525,000+ consumer registrations at Interactive Imaginations' Riddler.
The Riddler role was made famous by Jim Carrey, who played The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever.
She went on to detail how Mr Riddler had been stabbed at least six times with the same blade.
Dan Desmet joins Prodigy from Interactive Imaginations where he was Senior Vice President Advertising Sales for Web site Riddler.
It was alleged sweet-toothed Adele Early, 26, knifed David Riddler six times in front of her two young sons before running into the street screaming.
Instead of being showered with rice, four sets of husbands and wives held on for dear life Friday as Colossus stopped their hearts and Batman, the Riddler and Viper sent them head over heels.
The new Commonwealth Network will feature full-page targeted advertising, combining the company's revolutionary full-page advertising model first pioneered on its Riddler game site with the top sites from the existing Commonwealth Network.
Medical evidence showed that James Riddler, 57, was already dying when Stephen McGettigan punched him once.
Riddler set the record for time spent per usage day in August, 1996, with 34.
It features all the wacky sound effects from the TV series, plus the voices of Adam West as the Caped Crusader, Burt Ward as Boy Wonder and many of the dynamic duo's original arch-enemies - Penguin, Mr Freeze, The Riddler and Catwoman.
Riddler is free to play and offers a range of skill games, including single and multi-player trivia and crossword games, classic solitaire, and scavenger hunts across the Internet.