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Roberts uses this as a standpoint to dismantle the reading of Tolkien's works as allegory, reminding us that Tolkien himself disapproved of this perspective and insisting that for once we take the riddling Professor at his word.
In some societies, riddling is an adult pursuit (Burns, 1976:47).
Thus, there is turn-taking in a riddling session where one contestant presents a riddle to an opponent, and vice versa.
Here, as well as throughout the book, she also gathers delightful and astute readings of riddles and poems on riddling by various twentieth-century poets in addition to Stevens.
Far from being silenced, transgression emerges as the very substance of the giant's poetic discourse; and the skilful manipulation of this riddling language of sin is fundamental to a game of power that determines the life or the death of the players.
Of course, it has frequently been observed that riddling occurs, both in folklore and in ritual, on occasions that mark an individual's transformation or initiation: one frequently encounters fiddling at weddings, funerals, the consecration of kings, rites of initiation, public sacrifices, new year's celebrations, etc.
With today's molding machine technology, sand riddling no longer has a place in the mold production cycle.
Riddling involves a speaker and an addressee, a riddler and a solver.