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RIDING, Eng. law. An ascertained district, part of a county. This term has the same meaning in Yorkshire which division has in Lincolnshire. 4 T. R. 459.

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YOUNGSTERS are being urged to get on their bikes at a series of free cycle rides this summer.
For full details of all Sky Ride Local rides, including times, how to register and meeting places, visit the website www.
The ride needs to have three trains running to hit 1,680 an hour, and it normally has two, said Magic Mountain spokeswoman Sue Carpenter.
We can control the ride vehicle at any moment," says Mesko.
Things start early on the day of the event, with the physical therapy and therapeutic recreation staffs taking note of each resident who wants to ride.
This gooily sanitized picture of surfing is not made less objectionable by the action, which is for the most part forgettable, hamstrung by endless slow-motion sequences of merely good rides.
The trail parallels the rim before it pitches off and the ride really begins, dropping 3,000 feet over the next 10 miles.
The frontline symbolizes the central role of the labor movement in the Immigrant Worker Freedom Rides and in resurrecting the immigrant rights agenda that has been floundering in the aftermath of 9/11.
All of our campers participate in the horseback riding program, unless they are allergic or just don't want to ride.
The update noted a 95% confidence interval of + or - 43% around its overall amusement ride injury estimate.
And in what appeared to be the second part of a one-two punch aimed at TeamWorks, the agencies announced they'd stage a competing California bikeathon, the AIDS/LifeCycle, just two weeks before the AIDS Ride.
Park Ride Fly USA LLC is a family-owned business based out of West Hartford, Connecticut that offers safe, secure, reliable airport parking facilities, hassle-free "curb-to-curb" service, guaranteed reservations, exceptional customer service, affordable rates that beat most airport parking lots, and absolutely no reservation fees.