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Responding to criticism of England's performance in their 1-1 draw with Spain, Psycho said: "We're fantastic at that in our country, at knocking young players, or elevating them ridiculously high.
Those of you who've not been watching this ridiculously convoluted and unashamedly enjoyable series will probably be rolling your eyes at me right now.
Northumbria Police Chief Constable Mike Craik said: "We are paying ridiculously low prices for alcohol in supermarkets and some licensed premises and it has to be stopped.
On the other, many of the contracts on offer from processors and retailers have impracticable, unreasonable demands, and the notice periods farmers' have to give to get out of them are ridiculously long and do not allow them to take advantage of market opportunities.
He told BBC1's Sunday AM: "We committed the cardinal sin of these interventions, which is to have ridiculously overambitious aims; to re-create Washington in Baghdad, to recreate a fully-functioning we stern-style democracy in a Middle Eastern country.
NO doubt the Los Angeles City Council members who belatedly took a stand Wednesday against a ridiculously high payout to Firefighter Tennie ``Big Dog'' Pierce are expecting praise for their change of heart.
But to really get the message across that it's us doing the damage, what if skateboarders outfitted those ridiculously goony mountain boards (or whatever they are called at this years' trade bro) with spiked wheels, or even some kind of explosive charge planting device: Well, I'll tell you why: we got better shit to do, as in we gotta go make it a rip ride.
The Guide to Ridiculously Easy Entertaining: Tips from Marfreless is much more than a compilation of party favorite appetizer, drink, and side dish recipes (such as Bacon & Tomato Tartlets, Super Bowl Punch, or Potatoes & Stilton Gratin).
Now under this ridiculously obvious column, put an answer for each line item, without deleting or skipping any lines (including that expense for an extra quart of ice cream and pizza delivered to your doorstep any night that you have to actually sit down and pay bills.
in which Bill Murray plays a ridiculously neurotic patient?
Are you used to catching those ridiculously staged, scripted and choreographed WWE matches your brother watches on TV?
He said, "Despite our best efforts," he said, "40% of the people who die in car accidents in North America weren't wearing their seatbelts, a wear rate that contributes to a ridiculously high rate of injury, and increases injury severity.