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A indignacao e uma emocao nobre que deve ser combinada com o comico; a seriedade traz elevacao ao poema e o ridiculum castiga o objecto.
tax refunds come in APRIL) using a tax refund for necessary household purchases ad ridiculum n.
ANDREW McKENNA "This sums up the ridiculum of the situation" - STAN COLLYMORE "Fraizer Campbell has two great feet.
Yves Congar has pointed out that Thomas Aquinas applied "less canonical, more scientific qualifications"--such as stultum, ridiculum and ineptum--to arguments that he regarded as reflecting a defectum sapientiae.
9) It is absurd to demand that which cannot be had: Est ridiculum quaerere quae habere non possumus (Cicero (11)).
Ridiculum vitae precede de Artaud Rimbur Marcel Moreau, preface.
First, the vehement quality of his enunciation (those exclamation points may be taken as Verheggen's authorial signature, though Marcel Moreau, in his preface to Ridiculum vitae, swears that Verheggen's exclamation point is in fact a question mark with an erection); second, the wordplay and the questioning of the signifier that he deploys again and again; third, the iconoclastic manner in which he approaches literary tradition and convention.
Segun el gusto culto fue dictando su particular hoc est ridiculum, hoc est absurdum, las formas mas ambiguas y jocoserias, que habian sido cultivadas por poetas taberneros y cortesanos, fueron relegadas a contextos campesinos.
nec referam, in us, qui Aulici esse non possunt, quemadmodum aut vitium aliquod insigne, aut ridiculum ingnim, aut mores agrestes & inurbanos, aut speciem deformem, delinearit" (iv).