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The network offers a platform for companies to pitch, with recent propositions ranging from renewable wood-chip energy and ethanol rectification to advances in confocal microscopy and newly-designed products such as a riding saddle.
The riding saddle is large and comfortable and there's a computer detailing time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, body fat and BMI.
is a veteran of the Tsuu T'ina rodeo and got his start at the event as a 13-year-old steer rider He has been riding saddle bronc since he was 15 and maintains a busy schedule traveling to rodeos in Alberta, British Columbia and Montana throughout the summer.
This section aims to illuminate emerging efficiencies as newspapers adapt to meet new times: the developments, the issues and the technologies facing newspaper pressrooms today and tomorrow, including trimming web widths, cutting press waste, soy-based inks, totalizing systems, keyless inking, riding saddle stitchers to new revenue.