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The fore- and-aft rig in its simplicity and the beauty of its aspect under every angle of vision is, I believe, unapproachable.
Tis a maxim tremendous, but trite: And you'd best be unpacking the things that you need To rig yourselves out for the fight.
Not in that cherry-coloured rig ner them ha'afbaked brown shoes.
With his maritime rig, his weather-beaten face, his beard of Father Nep- tune, he resembled a deposed sea-god who had ex- changed the trident for the spade.
There were times when it seemed they would never rig that mast.
Arthur Venning suggested that what she must do was to rig up something in the nature of a surprise--a portrait, for example, of a nice old lady in a lace cap, concealing a bath of cold water, which at a signal could be sprung on Pepper's head; or they'd have a chair which shot him twenty feet high directly he sat on it.
This rig of mine's kinder small for the mail bags and I'm some heftier than Thomas
I never had much faith in you, sir, and I guess you only got the job by a rig.
The engineer, who occupied the adjoining room, dropped in to meet the new hand and helped Martin rig up an electric bulb, on an extension wire, so that it travelled along a stretched cord from over the table to the bed.
We shall be rescued to-day,' he had said; and he had exactly described the rig of the bark hours and hours before the vessel herself hove in view.
Don't see how two draggled skirts and a stained waist can be transformed into a whole rig," said Fan, sitting on the bed, with her garments strewn about her in various attitudes of limp despondency.
We came in full rig, for we always turn out in style on grand occasions.