right of entry

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The 33rd (Lancashire and Cheshire) Signal Regiment (Volunteers) was awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Knowsley in 1980, and is now exercising its Right of Entry.
Anyone found guilty of the behaviour to which Johnston refers risks having the crucial right of entry withdrawn, which would, in effect, remove the ability to carry out their jobs.
The law is extremely strict in protecting tenants' rights in circumstances like these and any right of entry to inspect the state of repair of the premises must be done on advanced notice, usually in writing.
Doctors, nurses, care workers and chefs will no longer get automatic right of entry.
The treatment is organized chronologically from the acceptance of rental applications to security deposit requirements upon tenant vacancy, covering, along the way, such topics as lease and rental agreements, rent and rent control, discrimination, property managers, cotenants and sublets, repair and maintenance duties, liability for dangerous conditions and criminal acts and activities, landlord's right of entry and tenants' privacy, terminations and evictions, dispute resolution, and lawyers and legal research.
Farese's letter also states: "The Board of Health and its authorized agents will continue to be granted right of entry at reasonable hours upon written request.
Until May this year, when the case of Pirabakaran v Patel was decided, landlords were able to forfeit such a lease as soon as rent went unpaid by exercising their right of entry and sending in bailiffs to lock up the shop.
The law on such right of entry is being tightened and, by 2004, full access to public buildings will become more of a reality for disabled people.
The letter is genuine but it gives no explanation of the purpose of the survey and implies the surveyors have the right of entry.
All claim to have valid visas or right of entry to Hong Kong.
based critical access hospital the ability to track and regulate right of entry throughout the facility in real-time using programmable badge readers.