right of passage

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In respect of straits used for international navigation, the right of the coastal state to regulate shipping exercising the right of passage is more constrained.
A copy of the proposed Order and accompanying plans showing the roads over which the means of exercise of the public right of passage is to be redetermined, together with a statement of the Scottish Ministers' reasons for making the Order, may be examined free of charge during normal business hours from 28th January 2014 until 11th March 2014 at the offices of Transport Scotland, Reception, 9th Floor, Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow G4 0HF, and at the offices of Highland Council, Service Point, Lochaber House, High Street, Fort William PH33 6EL.
It is almost like a right of passage for new celebrities on the scene, but despite being one of the most established names in pop, Madonna is only just launching her debut scent.
The ship, owned by ISIM Tour Ltd, had been held up by Egyptian authorities for five days for not paying passage fees through the canal, which guarantees a right of passage to all ships during war and peacetime.
Surely, being skint is a right of passage in any marriage?
The statement further said that "India supports freedom of navigation in international waters, including in the South China Sea, and the right of passage in accordance with accepted principles of international law.
In the Ascot Gold Cup on Thursday, Aidan O'Brien's Fame And Glory will be looking to steal the limelight and the crown from Dermot Weld's Right Of Passage.
Suddenly, the disagreements and teenage tantrums are forgotten as families support the next generation through this right of passage.
It is an amazing and peculiarly English festival that has become a right of passage in the same way the annual trip to Ibiza has and the question everybody asks is: does it have any lasting effect?
Here cyclists dodge between pedestrians and street furniture, witness the near misses, collisions and gestures from cyclists who assume a right of passage.
A public right of way is a right of passage over someone else's land on foot, or on horse back (or by leading a horse) by the public at large.