right of passage

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Some university presidents have advocated for reducing the legal drinking age nationally to 18 in an effort to bring alcohol use out from underground and make its consumption a more gradual right of passage.
The nature of the right of passage for shipping through the territorial sea and through international straits is a key question, one that lies at the heart of the sovereignty debate.
Various indigenous cultures used tattooing and body scarring as decoration or to mark a right of passage.
IT used to be a right of passage that any new player signing on at Wimbledon would be made a mug of by some or other joker.
Increasingly, having to face down irate neighbors has become something of a right of passage in New York City.
It not only serve as a fond memory and a right of passage, but also reminds my students of the importance of such a small piece of paper.
This has become a right of passage, especially for young people on their OE in London.
These precautions "are not aimed at limiting the right of passage as defined under the Montreux accords of 1936 (which declared the straits to be international waters) but to make it safer", Mr Erdogan said.
It was my quinceanera, a right of passage celebration in which a girl becomes a young woman.
From the founders of our game and our Association to the fresh-faced graduate assistant, the opportunity to be an influence on others is a right of passage that goes with the title "coach.
The Commission has taken notice of the Parliament's concerns over right of passage and has tightened up the requirements.