right to determine

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She added that achieving international peace and security depends widely on creating equality among all humans and grant all nations the right to determine their fate.
Later talking to reporter, over telephone from Srinagar, the JKHCBA spokesman said, 'The Bar Association maintains that the principle of self-determination has been recognized to mean that all people have a right to determine freely their own socio-political and economic circumstance.
Senator Franken believes every American has a fundamental right to privacy, including the right to determine whether information about their personal lives should be available for sale.
However, it should also be understood that LGUs are not simply machines for delivering services of the national government but are expressions of empowered local entities which are capable of independent and sustaining growth and hence have the right to determine their own fate.
I think we have every right to determine our own future, we need change.
To deny unelected bureaucrats in Brussels the right to determine out laws is patriotic.
Ambassador Trad called upon Government of Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights of the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, restore voting rights to them, allow their right to determine their ethnicity and to take all necessary measures to prevent sexual exploitation, including human trafficking in addition to cooperation with the international community to ensure return of all Muslim refugees and displaced persons from their homes, to ensure cooperation with all parties and to allow full access for humanitarian aid to them.
IRNA news agency said on Thursday that Zarif affirmed during his meeting with the UN envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura that Iran's political principle about the crisis is that it is the Syrian people's right to determine their own future.
Condemning the incident UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan Jan Kubis said Like millions of their countrymen and women these ordinary Afghans were exercising their fundamental right to determine the future path of their country through voting and not through violence and intimidation.
The public are campaigning for the right to determine the nomination of the island's chief executive in the 2017 elections.
Pakistan hoped voters would once again demonstrate their firm resolve and exercise their right to determine their future through democratic means.
The UN reforms must reflect changes in the international system, particularly the increasing role of the developing countries, nations' right to determine their own fate and their right to use scientific progress and modern technologies," Araqchi stated, adding that Iran has always presented constructive proposals for the UN reforms.