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1 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to property.
First, there is no question that individuals have a general right to property under domestic law.
In a rough definition, the right to property generates power for the property holder to use the property, benefit from its outcomes, sell or transfer it.
In the absence of any constitutional or legal provision protecting or conserving sightlines, the Torre de Manila remains to be a legitimate expression of DMCI's right to property, they told the high court.
Historian Ananth traces the various stages through which the law on the right to property and its relationship with the idea of socialism as laid down in the Indian Constitution have evolved during the 60 years since the Constitution was adopted in November 1949.
HRC, suggests that the reason why the HRC has found a violation of Article 27 only in Ominayak, a case concerning using land in a way that interferes with the economy and life of Indigenous Peoples, stems from the fact that Article 27 lacks any reference to the right to property.
Justice Chauhan, who wrote the judgment, noted that the landowners in the case had been deprived of their immovable property in 1964, when the right to property was a fundamental right.
Summary: BEIRUT: The March 14 Alliance is likely to submit Monday a proposal to Parliament to grant Palestinian refugees social and work rights as a compromise solution to improve their living conditions, but continue to deny them the right to property ownership.
It specifies that a Community legislative measure whose application leads to restrictions of the right to property and the freedom to pursue a profession could give rise to non-contractual liability of the Community where it entails disproportionate and intolerable impairment of the very substance of those rights.
Among them are the continuing violations of human rights, the protection of the right to property in occupied territories, and the right of return.
58) A "disqualified asset" is any property or right to property transferred to the requesting spouse if the principal purpose was the avoidance of tax or payment of tax.
That's certainly more important than the right to property and privacy, right?