right to property

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There are many verses in the Quran and hadiths regarding the respect for the right to property and its protection and this issue has been one of the leading subjects emphasized by Islamic scholars.
He further stressed that even after the right to property was taken out of the fundamental rights chapter, it was still a legal right.
The ranking was made based on ten criteria: business freedom, trade freedom, fiscal freedom, government spending, monetary freedom, freedom of investment, financial freedom, right to property, degree of corruption and labor market freedom.
Summary: BEIRUT: The March 14 Alliance is likely to submit Monday a proposal to Parliament to grant Palestinian refugees social and work rights as a compromise solution to improve their living conditions, but continue to deny them the right to property ownership.
Among them are the continuing violations of human rights, the protection of the right to property in occupied territories, and the right of return.
Earlier in May 2007 The Hilsenrath Family filed a first complaint in US Federal Court against the Swiss government to pay The Hilsenrath Family for their loss pursuant to their constitutional right to property -- the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments of the US Constitution [Case 3:07-cv-02782].
58) A "disqualified asset" is any property or right to property transferred to the requesting spouse if the principal purpose was the avoidance of tax or payment of tax.