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She has also posted the picture on Facebook hoping to find the rightful owner.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "joint security forces carried out search operations in the Hamrin Mountains outskirts of Edhaym district and was able to kill the so-called Abu Aans al-Iraqi judge, the rightful judge of Daash and three of his companions were hiding in one of the dens in the hills of Hamrin, northeast of Baquba.
I am encouraged by my meeting with Palestinian PM Hamdallah and the commitment of his Government to assume its rightful responsibilities in Gaza, including on the control of the crossings as well as civil service reform and integration.
He said that as per the ruling, he was back as the rightful chief of the PCB.
e And now officers from Cleveland Police are hoping the rightful owners of the property will come forward and claim their goods to help with their investigations.
Police are trying to return these items to the rightful owners and establish if offences have been committed.
Sgt Rice decided to buy both medals from the auction using his own cash and has been determined to reunite them with their rightful owner ever since.
Rightful Owners plans to track down the forgotten owners of shares, cash, fund holdings, insurance payouts and pensions.
While any fees paid to Rightful Owners on this side of the Atlantic will be optional, its emergence could rekindle the debate about 'heir hunters' firms which trace money left by people who die with no will and no relatives, on behalf of hopeful clients.
But we will work with financial services companies to encourage them to find rightful owners for 4-8% of business assets typically classified as Gone Away .
ISLAMABAD -- President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the present government, following the footsteps of its great visionary leaders, has also taken some important practical steps to improve the conditions of the workers to guarantee them their dignity and rightful place in the society.
They have released images of the power tools to try and trace the rightful owner.