rightful possession

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Bills have repeatedly been brought into Congress for the purpose, but without success; and our rightful possessions on that coast, as well as our trade on the Pacific, have no rallying point protected by the national flag, and by a military force.
A few years later--with a bit of luck--little Timmy and Tammy are at each other's throats, contesting rightful possession of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Crayon, and so all is well in the time-space continuum.
The court held that once the affirmative defense of rightful possession had been validly raised by the defense, the state must disprove the rightful possession beyond a reasonable doubt.
These riots are about rightful possession of land and identity and, most importantly livelihood.
This manner of speaking about Jerusalem contains two chief topics; on the one hand it represents "Jerusalem as heaven on earth, a literal dwelling place for humanity, a sacred object for adoration, and the rightful possession of western Christendom" (7); on the other hand it insists upon the presence of the Other, generally conceived of as Muslims controlling the country.
We then took up the third point: that without a photo, there was no way to verify that the holder of an ID card had rightful possession of it.
The early Christian definition of so-called disposable income is that it is the rightful possession of the poor.