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Glittering Generality is similar to the Rightfulness propaganda tactic; the meaning of Name Calling is near to the definition of the Evildoing propaganda tactic; plain Folks is close to the meaning of the We stand Together propaganda; Card Stacking is similar to the Confusion propaganda tactics; and the meaning of Band Wagon is close to the Alliance tactic in Chinese propaganda.
Not out of vanity, but in recognition of the rightfulness of the cause she devoted her life to.
with the author's plea for the rightfulness of his enduring love of women and, moreover, his purpose to distract ladies from their melancholy.
Regulatively, the speaker can use the idea of rightfulness by appealing to norms, either actual or desired.
God hastens the emergence of your chosen beloved, grant him good health and victory, make us his best companions and all those who attest to his rightfulness.
Their reaction, despite [the rightfulness of their cause], has threatened the collapse of the economy," he said, and urged Arab states not to take retaliatory measures against Lebanon and Lebanese expats following incidents targeting their nationals.
Nonetheless, this does not mean that a person's testimony into a case before court should serve his positions or political convictions, rather than rightfulness and truth
32) What the demonstrators were arguing, I take it, was the rightfulness of conferring citizenship upon them quite apart from what the positive law had stipulated.
Every public officer can act freely according to his own discretion, and the courts will respect his action as final and not inquire into* its rightfulness.
NEW YORK, September 20, 2011(TUR) - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the United States admitted Turkey's rightfulness about the attack on Turkish ships in the international waters in eastern Mediterranean.
Even in these arguments that question the rightfulness of Captain Collingwood's actions, there is nothing that questions the morality of slavery itself; hence, even in these points of view, the men, women, and children on the Zong remain "slaves to" the ideology of their time and place.
the violence of the origin must repeat itself indefinitely and act out its rightfulness in a legislative apparatus, whose monstrosity fails to pay back: a pathological proliferation of juridical prostheses (laws, acts, amendments) destined to legalise to the slightest detail the effects of fundamental racism, of state racism.