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I have known Norman Close for many a moon and can echo every word of praise from Graeme Rutherford and the Tyne, Tees and Wear Association who rightly have recognised his unbelievable contribution.
While we rightly celebrate Dylan, Eddie's contribution, should never be forgotten, as it doubtless was a life-changer.
Trying hurdles in public for the first time, Fine Rightly had to work fairly hard to overcome long-time leader The Orange Rogue by two lengths in a four-runner affair.
He added that the Indian Intelligence has rightly advised its leadership to review its current policy of brutality in the occupied Kashmir and change the current scenario there.
Rightly the ordinary fans - including those who could not get to Wembley - want to gather to thank the players and management of the club for their extraordinary and historic achievement on Sunday.
One would be Nick Easter, who I think is rightly considered one of the more experienced players in the squad and is rightly respected.
With his rich, commanding bass baritone, natural acting and towering physical presence (he appears a head and shoulders above the others), he rightly dominates as Hans Sachs, the mastersinger/shoemaker wrestling with his personal dilemma of love and honour.
And rightly so for never forget that this is a highly responsible job.
from zoo visitors, but the prospect of euthanizing those animals has rightly drawn a collective "Oh, no
SOMEONE WHO REFUSES to consider voting for a woman as president is rightly deemed a sexist.
The organization, though, is armed, and during its history has undertaken operations that can rightly be described as terrorism.
Good pedagogy rightly emphasizes the visual and tangible, which were perhaps not always so accentuated in schools of former times.