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It has rewritten the record books again and again for sports car sales and its recipe of light weight, driver focus and simple front engine and rear drive layout just has an inherent rightness about it that hasn't dated.
This may, with retrospect, appear to be tinged with a certain imperial Anglo-Saxon racism, but a belief in the rightness of the British political, economic and legal system was shared even by most radical politicians.
Giles Fraser, former Canon at St Paul's Cathedral, questions the rightness of holding Thatcher's funeral service in St Paul's.
A longstanding debate within moral theory, and consequentialism especially, concerns the extent to which rightness depends on the agent's epistemic and other limitations.
The verdict was issued after continuous legal efforts were made by Iranian officials to prove rightness of Bank Saderat's activities.
Among the topics are Queen Matilda and Anselm's Mary Magdalene, truth as rightness in Anselm and Henry of Ghent, the Middle English versions of his Prayers and Meditations, the reception of his logic in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the cosmontological argument for the existence of God.
Amazingly, the "theatricality" of what the latter figure is doing in no way registers as problematic: The viewer accepts almost without thinking about it the rightness or, say, the naturalness of the implied model's pose, even while crouching in turn in order to make out the figure's face, which is otherwise hidden from view.
But she is arguing, correctly The Journal believes, that schools have a responsibility to instill in their pupils the belief that they have options, that they should be strong when deciding which to follow and that they should be secure in the rightness of whatever choices they make.
There is an inescapable feeling of rightness about this nomination that overshadows the fact that Kerry was Obama's second choice for the job.
It has that inherent rightness to its proportioning that'll make it tricky not to throw a glance over your shoulder when you lock it and walk away.
Turning to the Syrian situation, Fneish said that Hezbollah calls for reform and dialogue, indicating that "what is currently taking place in Syria confirms the rightness of Hezbollah's positions.
Today, when the battle for independence is behind us, when the great ideological differences got melted, in order to come out from that magic circle, I will be the one to reach out my hand for reconciliation and forgiveness to all those, who perhaps, unaware, unintentionally or because of various reason considers themselves as forced or blindly believed in the infallibility of their superiors and the rightness of their actions and as a result undermined the unity, will and power of the nation in building their own country," Dimitrova writes.