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The complexity and uncertainty characteristic of conservation programs should not preclude or rigidify conservation actions.
In Ruby, the attempt to retain an ideal of purity and righteousness, to repeat the past without change, creates the greatest changes of all: Communal spirit shifts to individual acquisitiveness, old interpretations and memories are authorized to squelch dialogue and dissent, and values rigidify into repressive dogma.
It could also, according to Mortimer (1985), polarize viewpoints, rigidify tactical positions, delay resolutions of dispute, politicize faculty and students, and induce resentment, slowdowns, and boycotts in an effort to influence negotiations.
Is this fixity the rigor mortis that will soon rigidify Lenin's body and, with it, the body politic?
Judges who resist the Charter's postwar commitments and institutional framework on a post-Lochner template seek to ensure that rights-protection does not once again rigidify into a complex, judicially constructed doctrinal labyrinth that offers safe passage only to the rich and powerful.
Without diversity, civilization will rigidify itself to death -- certainly to the death of the spirit.
Until those experiments were completed, "I was not sure that the bubble wouldn't rigidify more," Liger-Belair says.
I know that comes naturally to some people; but too many executives are so afraid of error that they rigidify their organization with checks and counterchecks, discourage innovation, and, in the end, so structure themselves that they will miss the kind of offbeat opportunity that can send a company skyrocketing.
Instead of searching for a conception that would render both ethics and law more flexible, or questioning the conditions which drive them apart and rigidify them, Borowitz imports the Kantian categorical morality into Judaism; that same morality which has itself been fundamentally questioned by philosophical and political modernity, and which displays the qualities of absoluteness, unconditionality, formality and imperativeness, which he otherwise deplores in the idea of Halacha.
Field tests with early purchasers have shown a need to rigidify some of the meter's internal parts to accommodate rough handling during shipment.