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Performativity allows for the play of contestation to prevent history from rigidifying into a singular national narrative with a mythical beginning, an authoritative past, and a glorious future set aside for the chosen people.
As they noted, later Dutch colonial rule had the paradoxical effect of rigidifying Malay/Dayak ethnic distinctions, which, in earlier times, had been far more permeable, enhancing in the process the authority of Malay elites, while disempowering local Dayak populations.
For example, he gives a balanced refutation of the common arguments behind India's famed poverty by examining the role of both British colonial policies and Indian mid-level landowners, merchants, and traders in expanding and rigidifying the economic gap between "landed" and "landless.
4) Clinton, for instance, is the antithesis of the rigidifying personality type: with his ebullience, his gargantuan appetites, his zest for political maneuver, he is the closest we have come in the postwar period to the two Roosevelts in terms of pure political skill and love of the game.
The layers of larger and stronger nations that might have found ways to crosscut and mitigate the immediate clash of interests on the island served instead as a set of magnifying mirrors, rigidifying positions and compounding insecurities--that is, until 2000.