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Olson (2000)'s rigidly disengaged family structure has low flexibility and low cohesion.
The Taj is set in a rigidly gridded Mughal garden with a central canal in which the mausoleum's dome and minarets are reflected; its flanking lawn parterres are still trimmed by bullock-pulled mowers.
People (and certainly fictional characters) become much less interesting when they are rigidly defined.
It is not clear how rigidly this practice is enforced.
As well, French society is reputed to be rigidly discriminatory.
Key statement: A bending device for thin-walled metal tubes (R), made of a straight tube guide (1), a core template (2), which is pivotable, having a connection strip (3), and a mandrel having a mandrel tip (4), which is flexible in the region of the core template (2), and a mandrel shaft (5), which adjoins the mandrel tip (4) and is rigidly connected and is axially fixed (1) in the tube guide.
Despite the rigidly fundamentalist outlook of Liberty University, Babcock apparently had no problem endorsing an empire whose officials oversaw the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
As the parts turn over in the adjustable-speed basket, all surfaces are exposed to blast from up to four suction-blast guns or two pressure-blast nozzles rigidly bracketed in position.
The water use activities were rigidly scheduled and controlled for exposure time and water temperature.
Rather, it shows that polyvalent-vaccine studies need to be rigidly controlled, she says.
The media for reaching the Negro masses, other than through the church, which is rather rigidly controlled by mainly conservative and selfish ministers, are not well refined," Bunche wrote, laying a preliminary blueprint about modern day church activism.
I speak of the church which used not to regard itself as a "confessional church" in which you must proclaim your acceptance of codifications rigidly drawn up.