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To test the premise, investigators placed stem cells at their normal volume in a hardened hydrogel substrate to simulate the rigidness of bone cells.
Although they do not find significant differences, they discuss that a student may feel more suited for learning through games, since it connects ludic challenges to rigidness of the real world, abstract concepts to practical deeds, learning processes in real contexts to virtual contexts in AR.
to rein in her sauciness amid the rigidness of the environment she finds herself in.
149) This entails developing parameters that respond to the severity, complexity, and rigidness that plague the federal system.
On admission, physical examination showed right lower quadrant tenderness at Mcburney's point with muscle rigidness and rebound tenderness.
Qadry brings back in his latest works the idea of the "Non-Subject", a concept that is biased towards the freedom of art and its absolute commitment to morality in a world that does not control this absent language; testing experimental tools that flow between the abstraction of the body and the rigidness of geometry as a product of power between shapes and colors.
Whether the rigidness is due to genuine discomfort or for keeping up public appearances remains to be seen.
He was a man of many facets--tough with a rigidness that gave little away and which belied a softer character, a love for the English countryside painting and sculpture.
The same rigidness that serves hard sciences such as physics and chemistry so well can have the opposite effect on many disciplines, including strategic thinking.
He's a Gentleman of most happy Circumstances, born to a plentiful Estate, has had a genteel and easy Education, free from the rigidness of Teachers, and Pedantry of Schools.
The Indian rulers should shun their rigidness and accept the ground realities for the better future of entire South Asian region, he maintained.
The orthodoxy and rigidness of traditions associated with the 'right' thinking becomes an inhibiting force.