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North American vinyl processors are not under regulatory pressure to replace organotins in rigid PVC or barium and zinc mixed-metal stabilizers in flexibles.
For rigid injection molding, such as pressure fittings, the OBS 300 series reportedly provides processing behavior comparable to traditional materials but with no odor and high HDT.
Low-volatility heat stabilizers for rigid PVC also number among Crompton's new offerings.
Mark 2915 is a new liquid butyltin stabilizer for rigid foam profiles and sheet.
The line includes glyceryl, simple, and complete esters that function as internal, external, or intermediate lubricants and flow modifiers for rigid PVC, polycarbonates, phenolics, acrylics, and nylons.
Plastiflow LPC, a lead/calcium soap serving as a costabilizer/lubricant for rigid compounds.
As a Remedy Consulting Integrator, RIGID Systems' consultants are now certified to provide technical services necessary for achieving a successful implementation of various customer care solutions.
Remedy's certification of RIGID Systems underscores the company's outstanding technical services.
Several companies will give papers on their work with various alternatives to CFC-11 in rigid foams.
Suppliers and users agree that proper choice of additives is critical to the quality of both flexible and rigid foams.
Plastiflow LPC, a lead/calcium soap serving as a co-stablizer/lubricant for rigid compounds.
Petrac CP-11 calcium stearate is an internal lubricant/secondary stabilizer for rigid PVC pipe and profile extrusion.