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The recycling of rigid plastics excluding bottles rose to nearly 1.
The "2012 National Report on Postconsumer Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic Recycling" attributes the 82 million-pound increase to rapid growth in the collection of plastics beyond bottles in municipalities across the United States.
Flexibles and semi-rigids offer opportunity for non-uniform packaging, but rigids are not so independent.
Since then, OBS also has made inroads in rigid injection molding, indoor profiles, and sheet--and as a replacement for barium and zinc in flexibles.
Among the firm's latest developments are low-VOC heat stabilizers for flexible and rigid PVC and impact modifiers for rigid PVC.
Company's Interstab G-8257 is an internal/external lubricant for rigid and semirigid PVC, ABS, PS, acetals, and polyolefins.
Another conversion is pending for several smaller sectors of PUR rigid foams, such as pressure/froth and pour-in-place types, which previously switched under EPA mandate from HCFC-141b to HCFC-22.
RIGID SYSTEMS LLC, a leading provider of business-to-business systems integration solutions for customer care services and IT operations management, and Remedy Corp.
Several companies will give papers on their work with various alternatives to CFC-11 in rigid foams.
Suppliers and users agree that proper choice of additives is critical to the quality of both flexible and rigid foams.
Plastiflow LPC, a lead/calcium soap serving as a co-stablizer/lubricant for rigid compounds.
Petrac CP-11 calcium stearate is an internal lubricant/secondary stabilizer for rigid PVC pipe and profile extrusion.