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Well, it must need have done so or killed him, for a man of Perry's former physical condition could not long have survived the dangers and rigors of the primi-tive life of the inner world.
The true life and satisfactions of man seem to elude the utmost rigors or felicities of condition and to establish themselves with great indifferency under all varieties of circumstances.
He had not the rich complexion of the typical colonist, being indeed peculiarly pale, but it appeared that he had been confined to his berth for the greater part of the voyage, while his prematurely gray hair was sufficient proof that the rigors of bush life had at last undermined an originally tough constitution.
For example, Barbara Blackburn was asked to work with one district that wanted to increase rigor in its classrooms.
He's a firm believer that if such a secret could be distilled into one idea, that idea would be what he calls "intellectual rigor.
A National Council for Teaching Quality report citing a lack of rigor and grade inflation in teacher preparation courses is being disputed by the organization that represents college and university education programs.
National Day/ US TIME Magazine: King Abdulaziz Characterized by Wisdom, Rigor 3 Riyadh
It was a simple decision to review and redraft a number of our SOPs (standard operating procedures) related predominantly to research practices and human subject protection that allow us to provide the right level of rigor for each study while maintaining a competitive cost structure.
We can offer one model of an assessment strategy for experiential education programs based on the 2012 Partners in the Parks adventure in Sequoia National Park, where we qualitatively measured the rigor of this week-long program by requiring participants to propose interdisciplinary honors research projects that combined the students' chosen fields of study with their sometimes unpredictable learning moments and experiences.
Mike Scaccia, the guitarist for heavy metal bands Ministry and Rigor Mortis, has died aged 47 after collapsing on stage.
Blackburn, a former teacher and principal who works as an educational consultant, speaker, and workshop presenter, shows teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, and professional development coordinators how to increase the level of rigor in classrooms by creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels, is supported to do so, and demonstrates learning at high levels, arguing that the power to make a difference lies in the hands of the teacher.
The trials had different degrees of rigor (low, medium, or high) and three different types of disclosures (drug-company funding, funding by the National Institutes of Health, or no disclosed funding).