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Rigor mortis was more developed in pigs with higher concentrations of lactate (r = -0.
ATP is responsible for muscular shortening and contraction in rigor mortis.
ANDREW BELL, Head of Research, Rensburg SheppardsRecovery is weak, but anaemia is better than rigor mortis
Sanders explained that rigor mortis is the stiffening of the body's muscles after death.
To test whether rigor mortis could have deformed ancient remains, the researchers examined the movement of large, dying birds at a raptor-care center.
Rigor mortis results from muscle rigidity, not a stiffening of the joints.
The decisive "no" votes in the French and Dutch referendums may have put the draft EU constitution into cold storage, if not rigor mortis, but other contentious issues remain on the table, particularly the EU budget for 2007-2013.
But for the next 12 hours or so, rigor mortis takes place, stiffening the muscles and making the meat tough.
While the funeral director, pastor, priest, or mullah may express surprise at the timing of our rigor mortis appearance at their door--unusually early or unusually late--they nevertheless expect us.
Reducing the on-the-bone chilling time normally interferes with the process of rigor mortis, making the meat tough and chewy when cooked.
Reducing on-the-bone chilling time interferes with the process of rigor mortis, making cooked meat tough and chewy.
As hard hitting as a double-shot of bourbon, only someone with rigor mortis could fail to be moved by this.