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DRIVEN MAD: Doctors want smoking banned behind the wheel (left), but the law on drivers using mobile phones isn't enforced rigorously enough
Rigorously referenced and cohesively written, the hallmarks of Williams Obstetrics are its thoroughness and practical applicability for the obstetrician at the bedside.
The article reviewed here was published several years ago and emphasizes rigorously assessing required symptoms for diagnosis in adults and also helps show the way to treatment options.
Written by Professor of New Testament (The General Theological Seminary, New York City) Deirdre Good, Jesus' Family Values is a rigorously scholarly examination of exactly what "family values" and dimensions of the family were in the days of Jesus Christ and the apostles, and precisely what the New Testament has to say--and what it doesn't say--about such matters.
Ghosttown was a rigorously attenuated enactment of surface, one that produced a particular political space quite unlike that which we arrive at through digging deeper.
How do you find time to train so rigorously and be a student?
A handsome and rigorously thought-through tool, it was also a work of mobile architecture, scaled to fit the streets it ran through nimbly and economically.
Now, thanks to a data trove collected by a satellite called Gravity Probe B, scientists are poised to test Einstein's theory more rigorously than ever before.
The incident drew attention to the rivalry between the various denominations who rigorously guard their sections of the church under a "status quo" law passed in 1757.
Conditions under which pharmaceutical plugs and stoppers are manufactured, particularly when processing isoprene, ethylene propylene, butadiene or liquid/solid silicone are said to be rigorously controlled.
The ICSA Labs SSL VPN Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests, assesses, and validates SSL VPNs in a simulated, real-world, Internet-worked environment on a continual basis.
While we rigorously open every listing to all homebuyers, we consistently seek out ad opportunities that allow us to reach those Who might not see new listings otherwise.