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Dowling quickly built up a huge lead on the 12-1 shot and, although coming to the end of his tether in the final half-mile, The Rile still had nine lengths to spare over his rivals, headed by Eastern Tribute, at the line.
Members of the audience resisted Hay's efforts to rile them into political talk.
In addition, they looked at concentrations of another chemical suspected of playing a rile in breast cancer: polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.
Deepa Mehta's politically provocative, elementally titled films - there were ``Fire'' and ``Earth'' before this one, ``Water'' - tend to rile Hindu fundamentalists back home in India.
Dubliner Adrian, known to rile his listeners and guests, was to present his show last Friday but producer Jeremy Dixon filled in after the messages.
Sad and funny, with a haunting finish that will rile some viewers and inspire others, this Israeli-Arab production is a small marvel of cross-cultural cooperation that's about cultures disinclined to cooperate with one another at all.
THE RILE features on a decent mark and should be forgiven a disappointing run at Ayr last time.
And Dunbar owner Ray Green also started 2003 with a bang when landing an 8-1 treble with To The Future, Curly Spencer and The Rile.
It doesn't take much to rile James ``Lights Out'' Toney, so he will probably enter tonight's heavyweight contest against Rydell Booker in a bad mood.
The rest of the pressure was applied by the Angels' production crew, which zoomed in several times on the Boston-Oakland score, ostensibly to rile up the crowd but directly in contrast with Scioscia's ``in-house focus'' mantra.
TEAM QDVC Batang Riles bagged the championship title after defeating team Rems Soba Selek 78-73 in the Aspirants Division finals of the Pinoy Basketball of Qatar (Pibaq) Ambassador Cup 2015 held at Al Gharafa Training Gym recently.