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Batang Riles was awarded QR7,000 while first runner up Rems went home with QR2,000.
RILES also slammed the LRT privatization contract between the Aquino government and the Ayala-Pangilinan consortium, which it described as "absolute state abandonment" of a basic public service which would give more burdens and pose more danger to commuters.
3) Wilson Riles, the first African-American elected to state office.
The Riles Laan sa Sambayanaan (Riles) Network said the privatization is "an absolute state abandonment of a basic public service which would give more burden and danger to commuters," Riles spokesman Sammy Malunes said.
Think about it, Riles, then have your agent drop a call on Dan Guerrero so we can get this ironed out before 'Zo threatens another comeback.
Wilson Riles, the former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who has just announced his opposition to Prop.
The commuter group Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (Riles Network) and the Nagkaisa labor coalition will be leading the protest actions at various stations of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT).