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Finally, the Theory of Planned Behavior can provide subsequent information to design awareness programs, prevention strategies, education programs, treatments, and public service advertisements, if needed (Glanz, Rimer, & Lewis 2002).
As an artist then, situated in a modest-sized burg, Rimer is interactive, rooted to place, as expressed in some her earlier work, but open to influences from elsewhere.
Chuck Myers, president of Rimer Enterprises, says that depending on the metals and alloys used to make the castings, the differences in material costs could be stunning.
The current board of directors includes CEO Felix Miller, Chairman Stefan Glaenzer, Danny Rimer and Neil Rimer from Index Ventures.
Jim Rimer, founder of Bi-O-Kleen, added, "We create products that exceed 'green' standards set for natural cleaning products.
What we found is the communities that are doing it the best are doing it the old-fashioned way with traditional businesses and reliable growth industries,'' Rimer said.
Robert Rimer, Operations Superintendent, Public Works Department coordinates the program for the City of Shawnee.
PayPal Founder Max Levchin Named Chairman; Index Ventures Partner Neil Rimer Appointed to Board; New Private Competitions Launched for Sensitive Data
THE sister of murdered teenager Lindsay Jo Rimer has said her family has been given 'a life sentence' while Lindsay's killer has gone unpunished for 20 years.
The WateReuse Research Foundation declared that it has appointed Alan Rimer to its board of directors.
Rimer revealed that Richard Attenborough was among McManus's final bedside visitors.
Allowing his appeal, Sir John, sitting with Lord Justice Rimer and Lord Justice Moore-Bick, said the case raised critical issues on the scope of mental health professionals' duties.