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We found that if more than a few cases were missed, large outbreaks could occur under ring vaccination (Figure 2, panel A).
Although mass vaccination had previously reduced the number of people with smallpox in Kano, elimination was achieved through ring vaccination.
With ring vaccination, your efforts are very focused.
Ring vaccination is still considered the most crucial strategy for curtailing transmission of the smallpox virus.
To stop the spread of disease, animal and public health authorities initiated various prevention and control measures: a campaign to create awareness among villagers and students; ring vaccination of cattle against anthrax ([approximately equal to] 445 animals in 11 villages); treatment of sick animals with antimicrobial drugs ; disposal of carcasses in deep burial pits; recall, collection, and disposal into burial pits of all potentially infected meat and hides from cattle that died of suspected or confirmed anthrax; and monitoring and treatment of persons in whom cutaneous anthrax developed.
The southern Indian state of Tamilnadu has set three objectives for its measles control program: 1) measles vaccination coverage of [greater than or equal to] 95% through routine vaccination of children aged 9-12 months, 2) ring vaccination after occurrence of measles cases, and 3) treatment of ill persons to prevent complications.
A related but more aggressive tactic, known as ring vaccination, calls for vaccination of everyone who might have had contact with an individual during his or her infectious period.
Surveillance and containment, including ring vaccination, is the primary strategy for the control and containment of smallpox.