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vascular implant bifurcated polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe), expandable ringed removable 12mm x 24 x 50 cms individually packaged, sterile, non-pyrogenic, disposable.
47 "Thanks to the hawk being ringed, he has now been reunited with his owner.
Offset and non-offset, ringed and non-ringed, models are available in medium wire from 1/0 to 6/0, and heavy wire from 4/0 to 12/0--think yellowfin tuna, shark, and large tarpon, using lines in the 50-pound or greater class.
IF you have a clear southern horizon, you can spot one of the most interesting planets in the Solar System - the ringed planet Saturn.
Among the longevity records broken in 2013 was the oldest ever Buzzard, found dead in Cumbria over 28 years after it was ringed in its nest just a few miles away.
Grigg and his colleagues found that the parasite, a microscopic creature shaped like a crescent moon, also infects about 80 percent of ringed seals (Pusa bispida) but doesn't make them sick.
A RED kite grounded in the garden of a house in Ceredigion has been identified as the second oldest ringed bird to survive in the British wild.
The tiny Nathusius' pipistrelle was first ringed in Blagdon, near Bristol, and was discovered nearly 600km away in the Netherlands.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- Saturn's 2010 Great White Spot storm has set a new record for the largest atmospheric temperature change ever detected during a storm on the ringed planet.
She explained that polar bears feed primarily on ringed seals, which spend winter and spring close to shore and "establish and maintain .
Nunavut's Department of Health is advising women of child-bearing age, or who are pregnant or may become pregnant, to avoid ringed seal liver due to its high mercury content.
TWO Northumberland osprey chicks which hatched just before the Jubilee weekend were named and ringed yesterday.