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Sporting tight ringlets and a lacy dress, the actress and singer showed off her new boyfriend Cris Judd as well as her new look.
Curls were out in force at the AW16 shows - from beachy waves to tight ringlets, volume and texture were king - in complete contrast to the sleek, poker straight SS16 look.
Even more whimsical than a golden crown of butterflies was the summertime evolution of the tiara: a ringlet of artificial flowers.
The smallest particles were in ringlets nearest the very edge, and the larger particles were isolated in ringlets nearer the center.
Yet they are not fully in lockstep with Pan; Cassini has observed these ringlet clumps moving over a time scale of months, some changing direction when they encounter Pan and others apparently destroyed.
The subtle lesson was taught while trying to determine if a bird was a ringlet or Bell's vireo by the curvature of the bird's bill.
She was Heidi grown up: effervescent blue eyes, rosy cheeks, golden ringlets framing a still cherubic face.
The heroine, called Belinda, indignantly demands back the ringlet, but after a fruitless charge it is affirmed that it has been transported to heaven, and henceforth shall " midst the stars inscribe Belinda
Sergio Osmena after the Spanish word 'rosca' or ringlet.
The ten commonest butterflies to be found in the North East are: | Meadow Brown | Large White | Ringlet | Small White | Green-veined white | Small Tortoiseshell | Six-spot Burnet | Large Skipper | Common Blue | Speckled Wood
touch Your Daily Central G3 8DA 3850 8DA followed followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Austria 9 Odium 10 Trail 11 Open-air 12 Ads 13 Muttered 16 Enormous 17 Net 19 Rudolph 21 Enter 22 Drawn 23 Sunrise DOWN: 1 Rat trap 2 Assassin 3 Oral 4 Hopeless 5 Visa 6 Smart 8 Apostrophes 13 Maryland 14 Einstein 15 Started 18 Pride 20 Dram 21 Etna QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Tobacconist 8 Sag 9 Pup 11 Miracle 12 Irate 13 Ale 14 Rut 15 Ringlet 17 Lap 19 Edgy 21 Used 23 Scar 25 Fine 27 Yap 29 Escaped 31 All 34 Hat 36 Sauna 37 Dissect 38 Kid 39 Era 40 Doggypaddle DOWN: 1 Tail 2 Ogre 3 Archive 4 Clergy 5 Naive 6 Spar 7 Tutu 8 Small 10 Petty 16 Tea 18 Pun 20 Dry 22 See 24 Creased 25 Flask 26 Hard up 28 Pitta 30 Slang 32 Laid 33 Ludo 34 Heel 35 Acre Pray Pray
Taking the top three spots in this year's Big Butterfly Count in Wales were the Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Ringlet.