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RIOTOUSLY, pleadings. A technical word properly used in an indictment for a riot, and ex vi termini, implies violence. 2 Sess. Cas. 13; 2 Str. 834; 2 Chit. Cr. Law, 489.

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Even the snakes look like they were bought at a toy shop in a riotously funny action parody where everyone's in on the joke.
A metaphor, I'm guessing, for the bad taste Abbott's riotously rude and crude script no doubt left in the mouths of many viewers.
The young lovers are divided by increasingly outlandish circumstances, which include Nancy Opel riotously popping up everywhere as the nagging ghost of Bea, Jack's disapproving mother.
THE riotously indiscreet Mick Hucknall admitted this week that he has slept with more than 1000 women.
Two years after the last part of the riotously succesful Twilight Saga arrived in cinemas, five brand new Twilight films will premiere on Facebook next year.
For example, one of the most striking oils is Tiger Fighting Schools of Vanity and Indifference, in which a beast worthy of the energy of Eliot's 'in the juvescence of the year/ came Christ the Tiger' cavorts riotously across a landscape of equally Eliotesque 'depraved May'.
MR SLOANE (9pm Sky Atlantic) IT'S not riotously funny.
Saying that, it was also a surprisingly charming love story and riotously funny comedy, as well as being packed with one great song after another.
One situates riotously colored swaths amid tic-tac-toe grids and atop a washy ground, while the second incorporates squiggles, drips, smudges, and a seemingly unspoolinggridded net.
Sydney, Feb 28 ( ANI ): Angelina Jolie's dramatic pose at the 2012 Oscars has made her right leg an instant hit on the internet with the exposed limb being riotously superimposed into a range of pictures across the web.
The overambitious open-world structure and bland realism have been replaced by tightly scripted levels set in a riotously bright but darkly comic graphic novel come to life.